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Fera du lac Léman et Caviar Monarq Sevruga

Fera from Lake Geneva and Monarq Sevruga Caviar

Preparation For the Fera: Remove the skin and bones from the fish. Cut the fillets in half and poach them in clarified butter at 55°C for about 4 minutes. For the mussels: In a mixing bowl, marinate the mussels with...

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Galce au Sarrasin et Caviar Monarq Sevruga

Buckwheat Ice Cream with Monarq Sevruga Caviar

Preparation: For the buckwheat ice cream: Whisk the egg yolk and sugar until homogeneous. Bring the cream and milk to a boil. Pour a small portion over the egg and sugar mixture to temper it. Pour the mixture into the...

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Ris de veau croustillant, yaourt de chèvre et Caviar Monarq Sevruga

Crispy Sweetbreads, Goat Yogurt, and Monarq Sevruga Caviar

Preparation For the sweetbreads: Rinse the sweetbreads with cold water for 5 minutes to remove impurities. Blanch the sweetbreads for 2 minutes in salted boiling water. Cool the sweetbreads in a bowl of ice water. Once cooled and well drained,...

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