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Ingredients for 4 persons

Brioche - 500 gr.
Butter - 60 gr.
Egg - 1 piece
Milk - 100 gr.
Brown sugar - 50 gr.
Cream - 50 ml.
Seasonal truffle
Monarq Osetra Caviar - 125 gr. or 250 gr.


For the French toast:

  1. Cut the brioche into uniform slices of about 125g and let it dry for one to two hours.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine the milk, cream, egg, and 30g of sugar.
  3. Soak the brioche pieces for 1 minute, then pan-fry them on both sides with 20g of butter and the remaining brown sugar.

For the truffle butter:

  1. Whisk 40g of butter with about 40g of grated or chopped truffle.
  2. Season with sugar and salt. Assembly:
  3. Warm up the brioche in the oven, then once warm, brush it with the truffle butter.
  4. Grate a few pieces of fresh truffle.
  5. Top with a generous serving of Monarq Osciètre Caviar.

Recipe created by Jacopo Romagnoli, Chef of the Café de la Plage restaurant at the Grand Théâtre de Genève.

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