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Buckwheat ice cream and Monarq Sevruga caviar

Ingredients to serve four

  • Buckwheat ice cream
  • Milk – 350 g
  • Cream – 160 g
  • Egg yolk – 70 g
  • Sugar – 140 g
  • Buckwheat seeds – 150 g
  • Argan oil
  • Monarq Sevruga caviar


For the buckwheat ice cream:

  1. Beat the yolk and add sugar until you have a smooth mixture.
  2. Bring the cream and milk to the boil.
  3. Pour a small amount over the sugar and egg yolk mixture to temper it.
  4. Pour this mixture into the remaining cream and milk and cook over low heat until it coats the spoon.
  5. Add the buckwheat seeds, having previously roasted them in the oven at 160 degrees.
  6. Mix everything together and strain through a fine conical sieve.
  7. Churn the ice cream before serving for a light, airy texture.


  1. Serve a quenelle of the buckwheat ice cream.
  2. Place around 30–50 grams of Monarq Sevruga caviar on the ice cream.
  3. Add some argan oil.

Recipe byJacopo Romagnoli, Chef du restaurant Café de la plage au Grande théâtre de Genève

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