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Monarq caviar.

Beluga From 700.00

Beluga caviar is the most iconic of all caviars. Its smooth taste and rich flavour make it an exceptional delicacy – notes of butter, hazelnut and fresh egg linger in the mouth.

Ossetra From 220.00

Ossetra caviar can be recognised by its regular structure, its finesse and its golden tones. This caviar has unquestionable credentials. It has a salty taste with a wonderful finesse on the palate and presents flavours of the sea and perfectly balanced notes of green walnut.

Sevruga From 220.00

Sevruga caviar is a distinctive caviar that will surprise you with its unrivalled melt-in-the-mouth texture. The royal stamp of approval for your table. Thanks to its creamy texture and a process ensuring it reaches perfect maturity, this caviar coats the palate with powerful tastes of the sea and a wonderful long-lasting flavour.

Baeri From 180.00

Baeri caviar has small, delicate grains with a brown colour and a pure, strong initial taste, dominated by salty and mineral notes. Once on the palate, the small grains release delicate woody notes that are combined with a subtle hazelnut flavour.

"Since I discovered Monarq Caviar, I can work the product in my dishes. Impeccable quality, unbeatable price."

Chef Sébastien Cortez

"I taste with great pleasure every year Monarq caviar and it is a delight for my taste buds and those of my friends. Delicious and affordable"

Antoine Clemente
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